Life is an evolving story. We decide on our cast of characters.


When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.


From the ashes of hardship can great beauty be forged. 



After decades of faltering, feeling unsure and lacking in self-belief, I finally figured out how to build personal stability. I've become a happier, calmer and more confident person because of it. 
This is why I'm here - to help you build a calm and confident life. Not to avoid discomforts or challenges but to be ready and well-prepared to take on the inevitable hardships. 
 If I can do it, you can DEFINITELY do it. 



Since 2001, I’ve supported people as a qualified teacher, project manager, and social worker across various public and private organisations.

I’m au fait with feeling exhausted, lonely, confused, disenchanted, inundated, lost and on the edge. Trying to figure it out, I went on to study and qualify as a therapist. Having worked 1:1 with hundreds of people, a transition to coaching was a natural (and highly rewarding) next step.

A secret introvert, I’ll take a decent book over big-group socials. Nothing inspires me more than heartfelt conversation and problem-solving engagement when it comes to other people.


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"Dominic is a gifted therapist who relies on a mix of practical and theoretical tools."

James. V

"I wholeheartedly recommend Dominic's expertise to those who need a bit of extra help and empathy."

Adrienne. E

"Dominic is a highly skilled and empathetic counsellor - a first choice when I need someone to trust. I am always and forever grateful for his insightful and dependable help."

Andy. M

"Dominic has helped me very fast and efficiently when I had a difficult moment in my life. His good questions, together with his empathy and his personal wisdom, have helped me overcome a crisis in my life last year and recover my usual optimism."

Anna. S