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Spells of intense anxiety that jump out of the blue. Perhaps it starts with your face heating up or a thud in your chest.

Your breathing gets shallow, and you begin to feel distinctly uncomfortable. Maybe even strangely removed from yourself.

And then it’s not just the experience itself. There’s the distraction (after a pause for relief) in the aftermath and also the preoccupation about when it will next occur.

It can be so restrictive and limiting. Indeed life isn’t supposed to be this way.

So let’s learn a skill to ring-fence the experience and put it back in its box.

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The internal experience,

the external situation ... 

If you suffer episodes of intense anxiety, you’ll know how distressing they can be. A bout of anxiety might come on suddenly, strike anywhere and - often - it happens at inappropriate and unhelpful times.

If anxiety arises in private, there’s a degree of comfort in knowing you can manage it discreetly. But when fear creeps up on you in a public space - this can be startling.

Perhaps when queuing at the supermarket, mid-flow with your boss at work, or expecting to talk in a group conversation.

When confronted with these frightening scenarios, a desire to get away is easy to understand. Escape or avoidance seems the quickest route to relief.

However, a swift exit is rarely the right approach for the longer-term outlook. If you do run, your brain will tag any future similar situation as a potential threat. As a result, you’ll be primed to experience even higher anxiety the next time you find yourself in the same circumstances.

So join me and download a plan to help you manage those moments - and get them back under control.  

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What's included:


A precise rehearsal method to restore calm for bouts of high anxiety so you can face situations more assured.

Access to professional-quality audio support to take you through the steps whenever necessary.

Additional audio practice to regulate your breathing for calm and control.

A convenient and accessible plan that, with practice, can become an excellent addition to your anxiety-busting armour. 

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