From Worrier To Warrior:




How To Crush Fear And Lead A Life Of Solid Confidence …

Even if everything youve tried before didnt work. 


"A fearful life can be as crippling as any chronic illness - with tragic personal costs."

If fear or low self-confidence has blighted your life, please give me a moment. WE CAN CHANGE THIS. 

I want us to do a quick exercise together. It won't be comfortable, but it represents a crucial first move if you're going to carve out the space you need to build a calmer, more secure future. It won’t take long.  


Okay, here goes. Take a slow breath and consider these concepts: 
Criticism. Rejection. Avoidance. Failure. Shame. Regret. 
Now, scan the landscape of your life experience and ask: 
  • What do these words mean for me?
  • What influence might they have had in shaping the quality of my life until now?
If you can, stay with this a moment longer. Think a little more deeply and dig further into your experience.
What physical sensations, thoughts, or feelings arise as a result of your reflection?
If this gives you pause, if this brings up uncomfortable emotions or makes your body stiffen, your shoulders tighten, then read on… 
You might experience some mental discomfort - or even a sense of anguish or resentment towards the exercise. Your impulse might be to retreat - to save energy and get away. Naturally, you want to swallow these feelings, push them down and avoid feeling upset.
Maybe, if you allow your heart and brain to engage, a real sense of sadness, shame, and even resignation might threaten to overwhelm you. A striking, poignant feeling that demands your attention. 
You see, if you live your life in the grip of (excess) fear or lack a confident approach, you’ll recognise the long shadows of discomfort that such unease has cast across your life.
You'll have learned to live under a burden of darkness—a tainted experience. 

Those who ignore fear simply leave it space to grow. What will happen if you don’t do something to regain control?

Right now, your world might look something like this ...

Ambitions thwarted, expectations diminished, hopes dashed, chances missed …

All in all, a fearful life encourages avoidance of the very things we need to face. As a result, perhaps youve:

  • Squandered chances to expand  your skills and impact

  • Withdrawn from essential events or enjoyable occasions that might have been memorable

  • Sabotaged dreams that remain painfully unattended

  • Jeopardised your time with endless indecision and analysis-paralysis

  • Undermined romantic opportunities for fear of rejection

  • Risked your health and wellbeing by leaning on destructive coping habits 

And - I have to be honest with you - theres an even greater danger lurking. As humans, were masters of adaptation - this means you will have learned to adjust your hopes, beliefs and expectations to uphold and maintain a fearful life. Simply put, your everyday habits become your identity. If you believe you deserve less, you will expect less - and your behaviour will come to reflect this.

I want to reassure you that it doesn't have to be this way.

With clear and practical support, you can become a calm and confident person - in a way that feels right to you. 

You deserve this opportunity. Because a life of unease is exhausting ...

Post-torture - forcing themselves to attend - imagine a shy and self-conscious person newly arrived at a party. Perhaps they stand in the corner or skirt around the edges of other party-goers‘ easy interaction. Internally, they identify as an imposter to the fun. To others, this belief is easy to read:
  • Air of unease
  • Closed body language
  • Shuffling feet and averted eye contact.
Wary of social engagement, this person may question whether others want to invest time in them.
Now - at even the slightest opening to participate - their ability to talk and express themselves is stifled. They back away. Other people sense this unease and decide to pursue more effortless conversations.
They remain standing alone - diminished hopes for the evening all but realised. They expected not to be heard, presented themselves as someone with little to say, and accepted an awkward experience that confirmed they should never have made an effort to attend in the first place. 
How might you have handled this situation? To manage discomfort, many will hold a drink close to their chest, most will protect a tight smile to keep cover (though be exhausted by the end) and some may become the life and soul to distract attention from their true feelings. 
You might relate to this. You might not. Yet maybe - in certain situations - youve primed yourself to believe that less is the best you can expect. Youve learned to accept an incomplete experience in the story of your life.
We both know thats a desperate waste of potential—a personal tragedy. There will never be another you again.

So what would it take for you to come back again and give yourself a meaningful chance at success? 

We both know thats a desperate waste of potential—a personal tragedy. There will never be another you again.

So what would it take for you to come back again and give yourself a meaningful chance at success? 

Because you can learn to live an assured and confident life and I will show you how.

Introducing From Worrier to Warrior

Over our six weeks together, you will gain: 

  • Practical and reliable tools to crush personal doubt and develop self-belief so you can stop replaying worries or mistakes ad nauseam, which means more time and energy for joyful, life-affirming activities.
  • Step-by-step direction to communicate clearly, honestly and effectively so you can speak up with clarity and confidence, which means strengthened relationships and increased respect from those around you.
  • Clear guidance and encouragement to halt fear of failure and prevent you from sabotaging your efforts, positioning you to embrace your strengths and rise to new challenges
  • Decisive strategies that will break free from limiting beliefs and fear of criticism so you can move beyond self-imposed restrictions, which means assurance in your ability to reach accurate judgements and sound decisions 
  • Holistic support to ensure that you can develop a powerful mindset for clarity of purpose and assurance in the actions you take, which means dramatically improving your ability to handle any situation.
  • Top tips and interventions to quickly overcome setbacks with calm and composure so you can save time and prevent upset, which means being open to taking positive risks that will broaden your life horizons.
  • Meaningful insights that will boost your skills and ability for handling social interactions so you can gain others' trust and confidence, which means increased opportunities for personal and professional success. 

Kiruba. C

Without his help and intervention, I would not have been able to cope with my situation. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Arnaldo. P

Dominic is very professional and caring, he helped me with putting things into the right perspective.


Be bold and seize this new opportunity to move on. 

Think forward a moment

Imagine if, soon from now, you knew you had taken decisive action to face each day with renewed calm and confidence, i.e. control over the ways that you think, behave, interact with others and respond to life's ups and downs?
How might it feel were you to turn up with self-belief rather than play small in the shadows of fear?
What would be different if you felt profound conviction and belief in your ability to tackle lifes demands?
How might this impact your relationships with others? Where might opportunities arise - and how might you respond to them?

We'll get you deeply connected  with your strength. We'll uncover and practice the skills you need to move your life forward with clarity and assurance. And I will be there to support you. 

A typical day in your new life may look something like this:

  • Each morning, you gaze in the mirror - your reflection exudes calm and self-belief. You trust and admire the person you see.
  • Assured in your interactions, you ask someone for something you need: You have grown to be heard and understood. You believe that your needs matter. 
  • By chance, you come across a promising opportunity that piques your interest: You assume you have the potential for success and relish its pursuit.
  • A new or unexpected problem arises - you remain unflappable: You know you have cultivated the inner strength to take ownership of each situation.
  • As part of your day, you use your time wisely and know when to sit back and relax: You take an active role and commit to living a long and fulfilling journey.

Hi, I'm Dominic ...


Feeling worried, uncertain, indecisive, preoccupied, and doubting your ability to cope with daily life - each of these concerns can weigh you down and leave you feeling a long way from your capable best.
I know what it feels like to feel lost without a  compass; to confront self-doubt and worry  and shy away from who I really was. 
This is why I've designed this course - to give you the push and support you need to start living your life again. From Worrier To Warrior -

Are You Ready?

Hi, I'm Dominic ...


Feeling worried, uncertain, indecisive, preoccupied, and doubting your ability to cope with daily life - each of these concerns can weigh you down and leave you feeling a long way from your capable best.
I know what it feels like to feel lost without a  compass; to confront self-doubt and worry  and shy away from who I really was. 
This is why I've designed this course - to give you the push and support you need to start living your life again. From Worrier To Warrior-

Are You Ready?


Chris. J

He's changed my life! And that's something I will never forget.

Adrienne. E

I wholeheartedly recommend Dominic's expertise. 

What you'll learn ...

Each week, you'll get trainings, exercises and audio to help you build a gradual path to calm and greater confidence. You will learn how to: 
Develop Profound Self-Worth - Build a bullet-proof foundation for emotional security so you can rise above fear and be clear and assured in your ability to make the right decisions. 
Unveil Your Distinctive PotentialDiscover and embrace who you truly want to become. Learn to counter resistance from those around you so you can share with the world your incredible potential.
Strengthen Bonds of Support - Forge constructive and meaningful relationships that support who you are and what you truly need to access your potential for growth and fulfilment. 
Manifest Your Greater SelfRelease yourself from past conditioning and discover what truly matters to you so you can step away from the shadows and towards a life of values-driven meaning and conviction.  
Build Unshakeable ResilienceDevelop a deep reservoir of mental strength that you can instantly call upon so you can come back even stronger from challenges and adversity and invite a life of new opportunities. 
Discover Your PurposeReach for the meaning of your existence so you can determine the priorities that will guide your actions beyond fear of failure, criticism or rejection. 
A coaching program with a therapist's twist.
From Worrier To Warrior

I know that there's so much more for you on the horizon. 

From Worrier to Warrior: How It Works

Here's how each week of the course will look: 


Monday, Wednesday and Friday


You'll get a short email from me which will include 3 things: 
  • A link to a video teaching (10 mins or less) 
  • A link to the written summary of that teaching 
  • A link to some exercises, usually connected to the topic of the teaching
The idea is that you listen to the teachings on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you take some time on the Tuesday, Thursday and over the weekend, for the exercises. 

Plus ...

We'll also be meeting for our group coaching sessions at 7:30pm (UK time) on the Tuesday, on Zoom. The session recordings will be sent to you in your Wednesday emails. 
At the start of the course, you'll receive your copy of the From Worrier To Warrior onboarding information that will include everything you need to make your six-week journey as smooth and seamless as possible 
The course content is available for life - for as long as it exists - and your access to the recordings will expire at the end of our six weeks together. 

Your Investment Includes: 


➢ Six weeks of live coaching and guided self-study

➢ 18 x audio trainings (and transcripts) 

➢ 18 x reflective exercises including templates, cheat-sheets and journal prompts 

➢ Six x 90-minute live group sessions with me on Zoom 

➢ A safe and comfortable space to talk about and explore all of this stuff with other people on a similar journey

➢ Dedicated email support 

➢ Lifetime access to the course materials

How the course feels

From Worrier To Warrior is a challenging course. Whenever you commit to expanding your life, the comfort zone beckons its allies - fear and discomfort - to call you back to the old and familiar. That's why you'll likely encounter some resistance as we move through the theory and put it all into practice.
Yet while challenging, personal growth does not have to be painful. It should be exciting and rewarding. You should feel engaged and inspired to action. You should know that the efforts you undertake will result in deep and meaningful progress. And in the best of cases, you should feel guided and supported along the way. 
I will fully support you, guiding you through the audio training & exercises and during our weekly calls. And you'll be part of a real community of brilliant people who totally get it because, in their own way, they're moving from worrier to warrior too. You'll feel seen, heard and understood as we take this journey together.

Tom. O

Dominic's approach was incisive. If you're looking for help with stress and anxiety (my case), I can say with confidence that he will be able to help. 

Andy. M

Dominic is a highly skilled and empathetic counsellor - a first choice when I need someone to trust. I'm always and forever grateful for his insightful and dependable help

What Would Be A Meaningful BONUS?

I want to go the extra mile for you ...

Lets be honest about bonuses, or ‘pot-sweeteners’. Here I’m meant to jump in with, PLUS, you get LIFETIME access to three trillion audio downloads AND a bunch of other stuff that we both know will sit on your hard-drive gathering dust. Sorry - I'm not going to do that! 

Im not going to do that because:

I dont believe it would be meaningful to you.

I won't produce things unless I believe they will really help you.

But there are a couple of things that I do believe you’ll want:

1. I would like to offer you a personal 1:1 follow-up to check in after we finish our coaching. This will be a chance for us to combine hearts, souls and brains about your experience and what that matters to you.
2. I would like to make you a professionally recorded visualisation guide - specific to you and your situation - to help you strengthen your chances of ongoing success. This recording is a one-off, just for you. You answer a few critical questions and I will produce a highly supportive audio recording for your ears only.

? Got A Question ?

Have a question I haven't answered?

No problem! Just email me here (inbox monitored only by me) and I’ll get back to you.

P.S. Due to the personal commitment I make to the course, From Worrier To Warrior runs once a quarter for a maximum of eighteen participants. This limit isn't to rush you into a hasty decision. Instead, I want to be upfront and let you know how often I can give committed participants the proper focus and energy their trust and investment deserves. If, after reading through, From Worrier To Warrior looks like the course for you, consider securing your place.

I will do everything I can to support you.