Day 4 - Tackling & Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

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Today's Focus: Tackling Faulty Thinking Styles

When Reality Gets Distorted

Have you ever found yourself dwelling on the one negative comment in a sea of compliments?

Or perhaps you’ve told yourself, “I’ll never get this right,” after a minor mistake? These are examples of faulty thinking styles, and we all fall into their trap.

The Link to Stress

Faulty thinking styles can simplify our explanations and amplify our stress levels.


Because distorted thinking fogs our perceptions and leads us to view situations as more challenging or threatening than they are.

This cognitive skewing can keep us in a state of constant alert, draining our emotional reserves.

Why It’s Crucial to Course-Correct

Taming these thinking patterns is crucial. Not only will this help you view life's challenges in a balanced and realistic way, but it can also save you from unnecessary emotional exhaustion.

Because the ripple effect of distorted thinking is immense, affecting your decision-making, relationships, and overall well-being.

Let’s Dive In

Today’s audio listening is about recognising and rectifying these distorted thought patterns. You’ll learn practical steps to challenge and correct your thoughts and reduce stress.

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