Day 6 (Part 1/2) - Cultivate Confidence for Stressful Events

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Today's Focus:  Cultivating Confidence for Stressful Events

Debunking the Myth of Innate Confidence

For many, confidence feels like an elusive trait, as if it's reserved for a fortunate few.

However, confidence isn't the result of a cosmic lottery.

While some individuals have an easier time managing uncertainty and emotions, confidence is a skill set you can develop.

Where Do You Currently Stand? A Quick Pulse Check

To gauge your current state of confidence, consider your immediate, gut-level reaction to these scenarios. Let's imagine they're coming right up ... 

  •  An impending job interview for your dream position.
  •  A talk you're scheduled to give in front of a large audience.
  •  An upcoming exam is crucial for your career.
  •  A meeting with your boss about your work performance.
  •  A lunch date with someone you're interested in.

Typical reactions range from dread to excitement. The sensations you experience during both may be similar, but your interpretation sets the tone.

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