A Tool to Conquer High Anxiety


Welcome back to A Slice of Life, the Anxiety Master podcast.

If you suffer episodes of intense stress or anxiety, you'll know how distressing they can be.

A bout of anxiety might come on suddenly, strike anywhere - and often, it happens at inappropriate and unhelpful times.

If anxiety arises in private, you can manage it discreetly, which offers some comfort. However, when anxiety appears in a public space, the experience can be startling.

Perhaps when queuing at the supermarket, mid-flow with your boss at work, or expecting to talk in a group conversation.

When you face these jarring scenarios, wanting to escape is understandable. Leaving the situation seems like the quickest way to feel better.

However, it rarely is. So we need a reliable and trusty ally that we can practice and quickly call upon in the event of high anxiety.

In This Episode: Today, we rehearse the AWARE technique—a compassionate and structured approach to managing high anxiety.

This powerful tool is designed to help you Acknowledge, Watch, Act, Repeat, and Expect the best during anxious moments.

We'll explore each step in detail, equipping you with a strategy to face anxiety confidently and calmly.

Show Notes:

A is for Acknowledge: Accept that anxiety is present and remember it's a temporary and manageable part of your experience.

W is for Watch: Observe your anxiety with curiosity rather than judgment. See it as a wave—intense but bound to pass.

A is for Act: Engage in normal activity. Don't flee from anxiety. Move with it using the gentle guidance of your breath and the strength of your presence.

R is for Repeat: Continue these steps as often as necessary. Patience and perseverance are your allies here.

E is for Expect: Anticipate the best outcome, not the worst. Your journey through anxiety is one of learning and growth.

As we wrap up this session, remember that the path through anxiety is one you don't have to walk alone. The AWARE technique is just the beginning.

For a more in-depth exploration of this method and additional tools to conquer anxiety, visit the opt-in page for your free Anxiety Toolkit, AVAILABLE HERE

The toolkit is one piece in the start of a new relationship with anxiety.

Thank you for tuning in.

Until next time, stay present, stay informed, and stay AWARE.

To Your Calm and Success, Dominic