How to Help An Anxious Child: A Compassionate Guide for Parents and Carers

Hi Anxiety Masters.

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I’m Dominic Decker, a British-registered therapist - here to help you live a calm, strong, and confident life.

Today’s topic is particularly close to my heart: Helping Anxious Children.

Childhood anxiety, which affects about one in eight children, is a widespread issue that is often not fully understood.

I frequently hear from parents seeking guidance to support their anxious child. While I can offer support, parents - the significant adults in a child’s life - have the most significant influence in aiding their child’s progress.

In this episode, I’ll share thoughts and strategies for parents and caregivers looking to support an anxious child.

Drawing from my experience as a former primary school teacher and wellbeing coordinator in a secondary school, I understand the need for practical, actionable steps.

So, it’s practical ideas that we’ll cover today.

The Emotional Landscape of Childhood Anxiety

Let's start by understanding how anxiety affects our kids and what it feels like to stand in their shoes.

We'll also touch on the emotional rollercoaster we, as parents, experience.

Identifying and Understanding Anxiety in Our Little Ones

What does anxiety mean for our children? We'll break down how it shows up in their world, from the scary moments in the dark to the nervousness at school gates.

Empowering Steps for Parents and Carers

Here, we roll up our sleeves with hands-on strategies to help your child manage and overcome anxiety. 

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