Six Practical Tips to Manage and Move Through Anxiety

Essential Tips for Anxiety Management

Welcome to 'A Slice of Life' - the Anxiety Master podcast.

Today's episode explores practical, easy-to-apply techniques for managing anxiety inspired by this article.

-- Episode Highlights --

Characterising Anxiety: Understanding anxiety as separate from your identity and the power of verbalising your feelings.

Giving Anxiety a Form: Personalising anxiety to diminish its impact and using visualisation techniques for control.

Breathing Through Anxiety: The significance of balanced breathing and the practical 3/5 breathing technique.

Stepping Aside from Anxiety: Learning to quantify and observe your anxiety as a bystander.

Moving with Anxiety: Physical activity as a tool to preempt and manage panic.

Staying AWARE of Anxiety: A detailed look at the AWARE method for remaining present and managing anxiety in real-time situations.

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