A Key Resource I Share with Every New Therapy Client

A Key Resource I Share with Every New Therapy Client
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Action: Use this comprehensive overview and check-up questionnaire to assess your emotional health and identify areas for improvement.

Content: The downloadable resource is one of the initial assessments I carry out with my counselling clients. Download it below to assess your well-being.

Results: Gain a concise overview of your emotional health, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and begin to take actionable steps toward a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Join the Anxiety Master community and get your free Emotional Health Check-Up.

Your emotional health is truly precious. It underpins your ability to interact with the world and rise to the challenges you face each day. For this reason, you should do all you can to protect it.

This resource will offer a clear, practical and straightforward way to start. The check-up will:

  • Inform you about your emotional needs
  • Support you to reflect upon various areas of your life
  • Enable you to assess your current wellbeing
  • Help you to identify any existing gaps

In other words, the assessment will enable you to adopt a constructive approach towards understanding and supporting your emotional health.

While valuable to us all, you may find the check-up especially useful if you suffer from excess stress, low self-confidence or anxiety.

Join the Anxiety Master community and download it below. If you have any questions about the assessment (or your results), contact me via the Contact Page.

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